Clothing Restoration

For a Clothing Restoration Quote or Insurance claim call (410) 721-7445

We specialize in the restoration of smoke and water damaged clothing, costumes, special garments, and vintage fabrics. We also provide consulting services to both insurance companies and individuals with respect to damage analysis, estimates, restoration vs. replacement issues and technical assistance.

At Clothes Call we understand that you have been through a lot and lengthy processes just seem to cause more frustration.  That is why we have simplified everything to be as easy for you as possible so that you can get back to life.

Our team will sort through every item.

Then, a team member will enter each item into our computer system and assign a customer number and tag to get the clothes in to the flow.

Our team will sort through every item.

Long Term Storage for when you need extra time.

Long term storage is available and the cost is not additional.

When the clothes are ready for you they are added to our show room for you to inspect and pick-up. See? Easy.

Ready for Inspection

We have handled over 10,000 personal property claims for the insurance industry. We service a wide area to include Maryland, The District of Columbia, Northern Virginia, West Virginia and Delaware.

Clothes Call remains steadfastly committed to the core principles that we have been known for during our 23 year history.

“Specialized care for the things we wear with just one call”

RodneyClothing Restoration